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See more features of PDFjet for Java and PDFjet for .NET.

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What our clients are saying:

"Though I have only been using PDFJet for about three weeks, it is apparent that I am wielding an extremely powerful tool. The creation of really complex PDF documents is achievable through the library's advanced drawing and text classes, which I have not seen implemented as intuitively in any other product. I have looked at countless other solutions, but none of them even came close to being as flexible as PDFJet. It is the complete PDF generation library for whatever your needs may be, simple reports to advanced dynamically created brochures with loads of graphics, PDFJet can handle it. If PDFJet should be missing a feature you need, try e-mailing their support, they will without a doubt help in every way possible. I have gotten a bunch of specialized features added over night, just by asking if it was possible. At the end of the day, I am happy having bought PDFJet and I know that my money was well spent on a fantastic product by a group of very talented developers."

Nikolaj Boel Jensen

Software Developer

"I find PDFjet simpler to use than a lot of other components that are available. The fact that PDFjet allows writing PDFs to a stream (some others don't) is a bonus. PDFjet is easy to use and it is inexpensive. Best of all support is fantastic."

Simon Nitz

Senior Technical Consultant

"I tried to use three other open source PDF libraries, but their source code is not well documented and so "object-oriented" it's proven nearly impossible to read and modify. In contrast I found the PDFjet source code very simple, clean, logical and easy to understand. The fact that it came with very liberal open source license is a huge bonus. The commercial version is very reasonably priced and there are NO ROYALTIES. I wish I had discovered this excellent product earlier."

Gary D. Amundson

Android Developer


On the Web:

"I took a look at what was on offer, open source, closed source and commercial. I went for a lib called PDFJet. This is a fairly mature Java pdf library that has been ported over to .Net. It's fairly cheap and whilst it lacks a lot of in depth examples, there are quite a few available on their website. The support is really good too - if you have a question, the guys are able to provide feedback very quickly. It is very well featured, but I am basically using it to generate tables from datatables. I have been using it in earnest for about a week now, so I will try and post some examples of how it can be used here. There are two ways of creating a table with PDFJet, you can use a delimited text file holding the data you need or you can build a table programatically. Doing it in the code is tricky ... however, I am very impressed with this library and the things it can do."

Raphael's Blog

Google Code:

PDF Library for ActionScript 3.0

Dima Bezverkhiy


Code is based on PDFjet.